RAMP Video for Media

Delivering Next-Generation Video Content Management

Video Challenges for Today’s Media Companies

Two of the core challenges facing consumer media companies today are driving viewers to their on-demand video assets and ensuring high levels of engagement with that video.  Longer time on site and more stream starts increase the opportunities to deliver targeted advertising to these viewers – which means more opportunity for revenue for your organization. RAMP helps you create these viewer experiences that drive more advertising dollars to your bottom line.

RAMP Benefits for Consumer Media Applications

RAMP’s unique platform maximizes your video’s ROI by making it more discoverable through search and recommendations, more engaging through interactive player features that deliver a “lean-forward experience”, and more actionable through dynamic calls to action that compel viewers to take the next action with you, whether it’s to watch more video, download an asset, request a demo, or purchase a product.

RAMP Features for Consumer Media

Deep Search

Unique, Powerful Video Indexing, Tagging & Transcription

RAMP’s proprietary MediaCloud technology automatically generates a complete set of timecoded metadata for all of your videos, and includes timecoded tags, transcriptions and thumbnails enabling dramatically improved search, discovery, engagement, and advertising of your video content.

Deep Search

Comprehensive Search & Discovery

Complete content discovery features including universal search across all of your content, topic page publishing, automated video sitemaps, video SEO publishing, and much more.  Recommendations and automatic placement of contextual videos across every page of your site maximized content consumption.

Multi-Device Video Delivery

Interactive Video Engagement & Advertising Integration

RAMP’s rules-based matching engine enables you to trigger calls to action (CTAs) that are precisely targeted to your video content, delivering dynamic and clickable links in and around the video player that connect to related content, ecommerce and advertising offers, and promotions dramatically increasing video minutes per user.

Multi-Device Video Delivery

Multi-device Delivery

RAMP’s platform ensures that your videos, regardless of their original format, are properly encoded, stored, and streamed to multiple devices with multiple format requirements.  This enables your prospects and customers to have a consistent, quality viewing experience across desktops, tablets or smartphones.

Video Content Management

YouTube Syndication

Automatic syndication of your video content and video playlists to YouTube including complete transcripts, metadata, thumbnails, and annotations to maximize discovery and consumption of your video content on YouTube and other third party video aggregation sites.

Video Content Management

Cloud-based Video Management Platform

RAMP’s video management capabilities are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which offers rapid implementation, automatic updates and upgrades, and eliminates the cost & time associated with hardware and infrastructure maintenance.

CMS Integration

Integration with Familiar Platforms

RAMP integrates with familiar content management systems, from Adobe, Sitecore, Microsoft, Oracle, and others.  RAMP video processing and interactive video capabilities also integrate with online video platforms and players from Brightcove, Ooyala, YouTube, and others.