Indexing and Search

Make your video valuable through better discovery

A video is only valuable if it can be found by the people who want to watch it; however, video’s very format makes it difficult if not impossible to be indexed and searched by traditional text-based search engines. At the core of RAMP’s solution is proprietary, patented technology for automatically generating time-coded text transcriptions and metadata from video content. This rich metadata provides access to otherwise inaccessible spoken word and powers tight integration with traditional, text-based search engines and content management workloads. Time-coded metadata enables search within the timeline of the video and drives increased viewer engagement through dynamic, interactive player experiences.

Core Capabilities

Time-coded Metadata and NLP

RAMP’s indexing and search capabilities leverage our core platform, MediaCloud. This platform is uniquely able to generate rich time-coded metadata across audio and video files, and tag all content using natural language processing.

Universal Site Search

Search is the most powerful feature for driving increasing pages per session and viewer engagement RAMP’s universal site search delivers a comprehensive cloud-based search experience across all of your text, image, video, and audio content, and includes a full-feature set including auto-complete, spell-correction, synonym management, and more. Our universal site search solution also includes patented “jump-to” video search results, giving viewers detailed navigation of all of your video content. Search result relevancy can be custom tuned to your specific needs, and delivered either via HTML templates, RESTful APIs, or CMS plugins. Full mobile integration is also supported.

Video Search

RAMP's video search represents the most powerful solution on the market for delivering rich video search results for your viewers. Based on our patented ability to create rich time-coded metadata by generating automated transcripts and tags, RAMP is able to present your viewers with a detailed video search result including snippets, thumbnails, and “jump-to” navigation enabling viewers to find the precise point in a video relevant to their search. RAMP's video search is fully integrated our universal site solution, is can be deployed either via HTML templates, RESTful APIs, or CMS plugins.

Automated Sitemaps

Sitemaps are vital for generating good SEO results, and RAMP’s search, topics, and related content solutions include automated sitemaps across all of your content. Video sitemaps are often overlooked as part of an overall sitemap strategy, and RAMP’s video sitemaps observe chunking, size, and structure best practices from Google. Every video in your collection gets a permalink URL and metadata information properly formatted and submitted to all of the major search engines on a continuous basis.

Automated Topic Publishing

Leveraging RAMP’s patented process for matching web demand with a site’s content supply, RAMP's automated topic publishing enables site owners with large content catalogs to efficiently and continuously capture SEO opportunities. Using RAMP's search and natural language processing technologies, RAMP's topics produce high-quality topic pages that both appeal to major search engines as well as provide powerful navigation experiences for viewers. Topics are surfaced across your site using our contextual matching algorithms, either client-side using Javascript, or server-side via integrations with popular content management systems such as Drupal. Topics can be fully edited and curated at any time, and can be published via HTML templates, RESTful APIs, or CMS plugins.

Enterprise Search

RAMP’s proprietary technology to recognize and index spoken word ensures that video content is accessible alongside traditional text content for a universal enterprise search experience. Innovative viewer interfaces provide interactive playback experiences enabling viewers to search within videos, jump to the most relevant sections of the video, and share specific sections with other viewers.