Mobile and Responsive

Deliver superior viewer experiences – to any browser or device

According to Business Insider, 50 million people in the US watch video on their mobile phone, and 15% of all online video hours globally are viewed on tablets and smartphones. And Juniper Research predicts that over 1 billion employee-owned smartphones and tablets will be in use throughout enterprises by 2018. However, delivering video to these devices can be a challenge, as the devices, browsers, and operating systems have different requirements for video. RAMP mobile and responsive capabilities automate the process of creating & delivering the right video file type & page design based on the viewer’s device & bandwidth.

Core Capabilities

Integrated Multi-format Video Encoding and Transcoding

RAMP MediaCloud encodes for all platforms, so video can be easily seen everywhere. The MetaPlayer Framework automatically detects the device’s operating system, retrieves the proper encoding and displays it accordingly. This creates a seamless experience for end-users no matter what type of device is used.

Adaptive Bit-Rate

Using adaptive bit-rate streaming, MediaCloud makes sure that the video is streamed using the bandwidth the device can handle. This means that whether you are using a network in the office or free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, the video will stream smoothly. It also ensures that changes in network traffic do not ruin the video playback experience.

Responsive Templates

It’s impractical to build specific sites that will be well-formatted for the multitude of device screen sizes in the market today and those to come.  The solution is to build responsive sites that smartly and automatically resize based on the device’s specifications.  RAMP offers out-of-the-box responsive templates to ensure video, search, recommendations and topics content delivers an excellent user experience across all devices.