The first cloud-based, secure, comprehensive platform for generating & managing all types of rich metadata

MediaCloud automatically creates text-based transcripts, tags, and other dynamic metadata to enrich your video content.  The metadata can then be used to deliver engaging user experiences – from enabling video to be found through search via major search engines,  to allowing users to search directly within the video and serving up recommend & related content alongside the video that helps convert viewers to the next desirable action.


Automated Metadata Creation

At the heart of MediaCloud is our metadata generation engine. Metadata, considered the “currency” of content, includes the speech transcripts, time-stamped tags, categories/topics, named entities, geo-location and tagged thumbnails. This metadata makes your multimedia a first class citizen. Now your video can be easily searched and indexed like any other content. It also makes up the backbone interactive web experiences.


Flexible Content Ingestion

MediaCloud can handle content ingestion across all formats and all methods. We are able to access content via feeds, streams, crawls, API’s and uploads. We also have a number of standard connectors to popular CMS and Video CMS platforms such as Drupal, Brightcove, thePlatform and more. Our SDKs allows you to streamline content uploading, by building it directly into your applications. Once your content is ingested, our management console allows customers to easily add and manage all feeds and content items in the cloud.


Scalable Processing Cloud

RAMP’s cloud infrastructure is built to scale. Our architecture has the capacity to process millions of hours of content and millions of searches and page views in a fault-tolerant, high-availability environment. All of this is designed to rapidly process your content. Video can be processed near real-time, and text and images are processed sub-second, ensuring perishable content such as news and business information gets to your users first.


Audio, Video, Text, Image

Content comes in many formats, and all content needs be treated equal. No longer will your users need to access each different type of media in a different place. RAMP’s MediaCloud enables you to process all of your content, video, audio, text, and image files, in the same place. This ensures that your consuming applications will be able index, and search all content in the same manor and that your users will be able to read, view, watch and hear content all in the same place.


Automated Tagging & Transcription

Inadequate or incomplete tagging and transcription of content negatively impacts the performance of content management systems, ad servers, and recommendation engines, and results in content that fails to generate its maximum value. MediaCloud makes your video valuable. It is a highly scalable and cost-effective solution for automatic tagging & transcribing content, backed by numerous patents. The metadata that is generated through the tagging and transcription process powers the system’s search and recommendation engines, creating a comprehensive solution for delivering powerful video content that engages users.


Video Transcoding, Hosting, Streaming

Delivering video across multiple device types – from desktop to mobile and across operating systems – can be extremely challenging. MediaCloud helps solve this problem. Videos are encoded for all platforms, so video can be easily seen everywhere. Then, the MetaPlayer Framework automatically detects the device’s operating system, retrieves the proper encoding and displays it accordingly. This creates a seamless experience for users no matter what type of device is used.


Safe & Secure

RAMP understands that not of all your content is designed for a large audience. MediaCloud delivers a safe and secure way to store, manage, and deliver video. Videos are uploaded to MediaCloud using secure HTTPS, and stored in SAS70 compliant data centers with redundancy and automated backups. Videos are streamed using time limited signed URLs, which expire after a set time period.


Comprehensive APIs and Web Services

As a true platform, RAMP’s platform offers both fully functional applications that can deployed across your properties, as well as a robust set of APIs and SDKs if your developers need to integrate MediaCloud into applications you have built or are planning to build.

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