Web Closed Captioning and the 21st Century Video Accessibility Act

In 2012, Web Closed Captioning become law- are you ready?

On October 7, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Twenty-First Century Video Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 that requires online video programming to have closed captioning. This law creates significant challenges for broadcasters, as it requires new integrations between the linear broadcast world and the digital world.

While these challenges make the prospect of complying with the Act seem a daunting task, there is a silver lining. Technologies and services exist to automate and streamline the generation of transcripts for closed captioning of online video. What’s more, the addition of closed captioning on video content delivered online can be used to enhance discoverability and distribution of video, as well as a way power new monetization models. Media companies that react sooner to this new legislation and approach it from the perspective of these opportunities will have a competitive advantage over organizations that simply react to the compliance requirement.  This whitepaper discusses further the implications of this new law for media companies and approaches for compliance.